A Step by Step Guide of Receiver Operating Curve with Confusion Matrix

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How to detect malware using anti-malware software

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  • A phishing attack deludes users, acting…

Some Insights and Recommendations ?.

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C++ multithreading with QT and event-based computer vision architecture

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1-Create your QObjects,
2-connect your signals,
3-create your QThread,
4-move your QObjects to the QThread and
5-start the thread.

Step-by-Step Guide to include subdir and unit test for C++ projects

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From Edge AI and Cloud Computing’s Perspective

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Coachable and Transformative Leadership Style sets Clear Goal and gives Constructive Feedback

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Good Leader’s Things To Do

  • Say Hi, Hello to all
  • Coaches individuals for a bright future and make them skillful
  • Gives constructive feedback
  • Sometimes people could take it personal as people are connected to work…

Imran Bangash

Imran is a computer vision and AI enthusiast with a PhD in computer vision. Imran loves to share his experience with self-improvement and technology.

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