A Step by Step Guide of Receiver Operating Curve with Confusion Matrix

In machine learning applications, classification algorithms are used to get a prediction on the data stream in order to label objects for further analysis. In such applications, not only the accuracy of classification algorithms is important but also the sensitivity or true positive rate (detection/recognition rate) of the algorithms. An…

How to detect malware using anti-malware software

Cyber Security, also known as system security, is for shielding systems connected to the internet. The techniques, approaches and practices are designed to protect programs, data, and many more digital electronic systems. Here, I will explain few concepts.

Cyber-Attack: A cyber-attack is initiated to reveal, change, destroy or steal someone’s…

Some Insights and Recommendations ?.

Traveling in COVID time could be a daunting task with a lot of uncertainties, some of which could be addressed with the right information. However, the information is also continuously updating and changing. After attempting to visit my home country multiple times, I finally managed to land in my parents'…

Tensorflow | allow_growth| cuDNN failed to initialize| Image classification

We get this error for image classification using TensorFlow on Windows PC with Nvidia . The solution led us to explore some options regarding GPU memory utilization.

Failed to get convolution algorithm. This is probably because cuDNN failed to initialize, so…

How to transfer saved passwords from One Google Account to Another

Google has become an integrated part of our digital life. If you are using google chrome functionality of saving password and feels at some point to transfer all saved passwords to another account, follow this step by step tutorial.

C++ multithreading with QT and event-based computer vision architecture

Developing OpenCV based vision applications with QT open up possibilities of different powerful features such as QT Signals & Slots [1] and Qthread [2].

In the given example [ link ], you will see

  • Qthread for worker class. The main steps are listed here
1-Create your QObjects,
2-connect your signals,
3-create your…

Step-by-Step Guide to include subdir and unit test for C++ projects

Often, there are requirements to get multiple data streams with GStreamer pipelines. If there are not handled properly, one could expect a blocking phenomenon as one stream is continuously streaming and not letting other pipelines to get the streams. One can handle them using thread but it could be overwhelming…

From Edge AI and Cloud Computing’s Perspective

Edge AI together with Cloud computing is paving the way for the new digital era thanks to recent developments in hardware platforms, hardware accelerators, machine learning algorithms for edge devices; cloud computing for offline training, data storage and data management. Not only existing applications are foreseeing the benefits of utilizing…

Coachable and Transformative Leadership Style sets Clear Goal and gives Constructive Feedback

A good leader creates a conducive work environment, gives constructive feedback to colleagues, and leads with purpose. A good leader always remains positive and transmits positive energy. A good leader changes between different states of mind easily and releases negative energy before talking. …

Imran Bangash

Imran is a computer vision and AI enthusiast with a PhD in computer vision. Imran loves to share his experience with self-improvement and technology.

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